I have no idea what to draw but come anyway > u o

Anonymous inquired: Can you, like, marry me?


nah man, but we can be friends.

Anonymous inquired: ahhh you're so cute ≧﹏≦



Good Smile Company just showcased new figures of Levi and Eren as well at Wonder Festival 2014

I believe they are supposed to be in the same set as this Mikasa figure.

ETA: Added two more images!


with tears in our eyes, we send our precious daughter, lucina, off to super smash bros., where we hope she will stay out of trouble and make lots of new friends

these pictures are from fuckin anime expo, but i’m wearing a scott pilgrim shirt to SDCC. i just want you guys to see my face 

F R E E! Eternal Summer || ED


「hide」  「steal」  「deceive


I wore basement keys before Eren Yeager.


I really only have crops of old unfinished pieces to show for at the moment

but this may or may not be a print sometime in the future